In choosing your monetizing platform, there are things to consider.

First, you must have a substantial traffic volume from various traffic sources. Do not depend on only on source of traffic.

If you afford it, use social media ad platforms to send traffic to your site. Use the barest payment offer. Use Facebook Ads, TikTok Ads, Pinterest Ads, Google Ads, or Quora Ads.

If you cannot pay for ads, then allow your blog to grow organically. This will require you to share your blog links in groups, forums, personally to your friends, etc.

This method usually takes some time. Some people advise that you give yourself 6 months to 1 year before you start getting worried about readership growth.


In the beginning, once you have at least 25 quality posts published and indexed, run some cheap ads to your blog to boost the traffic level while you wait for organic settings to pick up.

Also, invest some of your time in backlinking. Find some quality sites within your niche or related to a post on your blog and get some backlinks from those sites to them.

For your monetizing platforms, here are options to choose from.

Display Advertising method.

There are a lot of platforms you can use to monetize your blog. Each has its own rules and requirements. Some allow you to use other ads along with theirs, while some restrict you from putting any other ad code on your site.

Here is a simple table to guide you in choosing a platform to monetize your blog with at the beginning stages while aiming for the bigger ones.

NamePage views per month required for approvalBlog age requirementSite Verification requirementReviews
Adsterra Ads00 monthsInsert meta tag codes.It’s a good start for a beginner publisher.
Propellar/Monetag Ads00 monthsInsert meta tag codes.Ads are distracting and sometimes feel spammy since you must click on them before you can click on anything on the blog.

Users may be forced to abandon your site if it gets annoying or they do not desperately need what you have on your blog.

Google Adsense500 – 50000 – 6 monthsManual approval by Google.


Long-form, engaging content.

Requires some traffic to be approved.


Platforms that require a larger traffic volume for display advertising.

NamePage views per month required for approvalBlog age requirementSite Verification requirementReviews
SheMedia20,000Not sureManual approval by SheMedia.

Available to only blogs in the United States, Canada, and the United Kingdom.

Long-form, engaging content.

Not a good start for a beginner publisher.
MediaVine50,000 sessions (not page views)6 – 12 monthsManual approval by MediaVine.

Proof of sessions on Google Analytics Pages and Screens Screenshot.

Must have a good standing with Google Adsense.


Long-form, engaging content.

Not a good start for a beginner publisher.
Raptive100,0006 – 12 monthsManual approval by Raptive.

Google Analytics is set up correctly.

The majority of your traffic is from the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom, Australia, and New Zealand.

Quality, long-form, engaging content.

Not a good start for a beginner publisher.


When you have chosen the platform to use, set up an account on the platform. Connect your blog to it.

Affiliate monetizing method.


You can also use the Affiliate monetizing method by adding your affiliate links to texts or images on your blog.

Some of these affiliates include;

  1. Adding referral links of products you may have used.
  2. Amazon Affiliate program. You will need to make 3 sales within three months of joining the platform. If your traffic is low or you don’t have people that can help you make the first 3 sales that qualifies your account, this may not be for you.
  3. Affiliate programs from web hosting companies and any platform you can visit.

To get these links, ensure the website owner has a referral program you are signed in to, and then you are given a unique referral link to share.

Sponsored/Paid monetizing method.

Choosing this also requires some level of traffic. People will not pay you to put up their posts on your blog and there is no one to read them or take actions like buy or share, depending on the goal of the post.

To get offers for sponsored posts, you have to reach out to people, telling them that you have a genuine buying audience (make sure this is true). Over time, if you go viral, people will likely start reaching out to you to pay and sponsor a post.



Whichever method you choose at this stage of your blog, depends solely on your traffic volume. Build it up and the market will follow.


Now that you are done choosing your monetizing platform, let’s go to the next steps.

Step 15: Setting up Social Media Accounts for Your Blog.

Step 16: Setting up Facebook Ads for Your Blog.

Step 17: Setting up Google Ads for Your Blog.


Happy blogging…