Blogging metric tools are simply the tools used to check the state of your blog and how often you are growing.

This is also dependent on what you want to measure.

Do you want to measure the growth rate of your subscribers or web visitors or how many customers you have rendered services to?

You also need to monitor your blog for anything hindering its growth. While Google Analytics helps with some metrics, it is also necessary to keep and try other tools.

Here are tools to keep in your quiver.

Google Pagedev Insights is a free tool for measuring page speed.


Gtmetrix, or WebPage test, or Pingdom is to measure your page speed. It might require you to create an account in order to access your results.

Similarweb is for analyzing web traffic and your competitive advantage. It might require you to create an account in order to access your search results.

Use Deadlink checker or Ahrefs Broken link checker to ensure you do not have pages that lead to a 404-error pages. Having such can affect your page ranks.

If you see something you can work on to improve your page speed and it’s too technical for you to do or you are afraid that doing it yourself might break your site, you can ignore it if it’s not going to affect your site negatively or you can employ the services of a trusted developer.


I hope you find these blogging metric tools useful. Do you have any you have tried and wasn’t mentioned? Let me know in the comments.


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Happy blogging…