Your blog is up and running. You are getting some traffic. How do you retain them and make them keep coming back for more?

You do this in two ways.

  1. By push notifications and
  2. With an email service provider.

Push notifications are easy to set up, however most users find it annoying and can label your site as a spam website due to the popups.

Choosing to enter an email address to receive post updates is done deliberately and less annoying.

An email service provider is a website that hosts and provides you with the facilities for email marketing.


There are various email service providers and your use of any depends on what you want to achieve in your email marketing.

This includes but not limited to

  1. MailChimp.
  2. Sendfox.
  3. ConvertKit.
  4. Mailerlite.
  5. Systeme.
  6. Aweber etc.

These email service providers have a number of contacts you can have for a free version before upgrading to allow more contacts to be added to your lists.

Please, check all these before signing up to any.

Setting up Email Marketing for Your Blog.

In setting up email marketing for your blog, you will need a means of first getting people to submit their emails willingly to you.

This is usually done through what is called a “lead magnet”. Think of what made you submit your email to a website you visited.


Was it the short video you got value in or an eBook, a planner, or a worksheet that helped you solve a mathematical problem you find displeasing?

Create something like that. Something short and easy to consume. This will be your lead magnet for getting people to submit their emails.

On the email service provider of your choice, setup a landing page for collecting the emails in exchange for the lead magnet you created.

If you can’t do this, a simple search on how to setup a landing page for say “Mailchimp” or “SendFox” on YouTube should easily guide you.

You can create multiple landing pages depending on the number your free version allows you to.

Remember to create a proper tag/group name for contacts joining your list through each landing page. This will help you in grouping your contacts and knowing what to send to contacts who joined your email list through a particular landing page.


For example, if you have a landing page for people who got access to a lead magnet on “How to setup a blog in 20 steps” and your tag/group name is say “Blog setup”.

If you want to send a series of email to your list and you want only the people that got into your list through the landing page that had “How to setup a blog in 20 steps”, you will simply choose the tag “Blog setup” and all the contacts under that list will receive that email series.

Also remember that, when setting up the landing page, and your lead magnet is an eBook titled “How to setup a blog in 20 steps”, do not include the download link just anywhere.

Upload the eBook to your Google Drive, then edit the link such that anyone with access can view it, then share the link in the first email the subscriber will receive after signing up to your list.


I’m unable to create a guide on how to join every email service provider in existence, what I shared is what cuts across every email service provider.


I hope you are able to understand this, but if you can’t, you can reach on WhatsApp or drop your question in the comments below.


Now that you are done setting up email marketing services for your blog, let’s go to the next steps.

Step 18: Start Your Backlinking Journey.


Happy blogging…